Accept sincere congratulations on Knowledge Day and the beginning of new academic year!

            This day yesterday’s kids become first graders, entrants – students before whom the new world full of surprising opportunities and continuous improvement of the knowledge, creative victories and scientific fulfillments opens.

            Dear children, in your life new, very important stage begins. Your success will depend first of all on your desire to study and develop.

            Dear teachers, the most important values of modern society became education of his citizens, their ability to creative activity for a long time. Quality of education which is received by our children in many respects depends on your professionalism and persistent work. You give to school students and students of knowledge, experience which in the future will become for them a basis of universal values, patriotism and an interethnic concord – the historical base of the Great people, the Great state – Mangilik El.

          With Knowledge Day you! Excellent mood in new academic year, interesting and fruitful work, creative achievements and achievement of the planned purposes!

Dear Villagers!

From the heart we congratulate you on a significant holiday – Kurban ayt!


         Kurban ayt is a holiday of strengthening of unity and unity of society, and in the person – strengthenings of feeling  that everything  is granted by God.

         Islam in all affairs calls for the world. Our belief propagandizing the supreme values of mankind does not allow violence and the evil. The people managed to absorb harmoniously fundamentals of Islam in the culture, and already throughout many centuries follow its canons.

         Dear villagers!

         From the heart we congratulate you on a significant holiday – Kurban ayt!

         The main good causes on a holiday Kurban ayt is a charity, this drawing of a hand of the help to sufferers – to the poor and orphans, this reconciliation of the quarreled people, it is a mankind appeal to peaceful life. Let your good intentions will be heard and will find approval at God!

         From the heart I wish all Muslims of Borodulikha district good luck and the benefits, each family – wellbeing!

        Let in Kazakhstan reign peace!

Dear villagers of Borodulikha!


         Warmly I congratulate you on one of the main and really public holidays – the Constitution day of the Republic of Kazakhstan. 

         In 1995 the Kazakhstan people made the historical choice and defined a way of further development of the state. It became a special event for all Kazakhstan citizens, the reliable base on which new society is built.

         The constitution as guarantee of sovereignty, strengthened our unification, became a core of stability and a consent, a symbol of creation and a source of the beginning of big affairs and present victories.

         As a result, for short term, thanks to policy of the First President – the Leader of the nation N.A.Nazarbayev, we constructed strong statehood and strengthened the independence. Our experience of international unity and a consent is an example for many countries.

         This significant Day heartily I congratulate all residents of the area on the Constitution day of the Republic of Kazakhstan. I wish you and your families of a good health, happiness, wellbeing, progress and achievements for the good of our Homeland – the Republic of Kazakhstan!


The meeting of the district’s Coordinating Council

On March 28, 2012 as part of the Message President of the country “Socio-economic modernization – the main vector of development of Kazakhstan” was held the next meeting of the district’s Coordinating Council for the presentation of new investment projects to introduce them to the Regional Coordinating Council to include a regional map of industrialization.

As a part of Council work was heard information of deputy akim of Borodulikha district Akhmetkaly Nurgozhin “Status and prospects of agriculture on district in 2012”.

In the work of the Council also took part: deputy of district akim – Akhmetkaly Nurgozhin, secretary of district’s maslikhat – Ualikhan Mayzhanov, members of Coordinating Council, members of district’s staff of animal husbandry development, heads of pleasant farms, media representatives.

Following the meeting the Council was decided to recommend the project “Creating a tribal reproducer and feedlots for 2500 goals” of Ltd “Sakhnovskoe” and project “The expansion dairy farms with profound reprocessing of milk” of p/f “Almacos” for consideration by Regional Coordinating Council to include in the map of the area of industrialization.


Reporting meeting in Novopokrovka rural district

On February, 11 in the afternoon held reporting meeting in Novopokrovka village, in which was attended the head of region’s department of culture Zhaksylyk Omar, secretary of district’s maslikhat Ualikhan Mayzhanov, deputies Umud Efendiev, Yuri Kovyazin, Gulzhan Baktybaeva.
After the report first made word by the Chairman the Board of Veterans Novopokrovka rural district Nikolay Yarovoy, noted that all indicators of socio-economic development of the district has worked well, and asked to build a playground.
District residents expressed their gratitude for the purchase of the building under the country club, the allocation of funds for capital repairs and construction of sports halls in secondary schools, the question of connecting the water supply to private houses.
Over time, all problems will be solved, and now we have a task of working together to socio-economic development of the region in harmony and understanding.

The first reporting meeting before citizen was held in the Petropavlovka village

February 11, was start reports before citizen. The first meeting was held in Petropavlovka village, where was attend citizen of Zubair and Petropavlovka rural districts. In reporting meeting was attended head of government of culture of EKR Zhaksylyk Omar, secretary of district’s maslikhat Ualikhan Mayzhanov, deputies of district’s maslikhat Umud Efendiev, Yuri Kovyazin.
People were set questions and proposal. This question about opening House of culture in Petropavlovka village, medicinal point in Meshanka village, workshop in secondary school, repair roads, supply of drinking water Zhana-Auyl, setting 4 lamps in Meshanka village. At the same time, thanked the heads of peasant farms for their continued support and sponsorship, for the opening of the pharmacy.
As for the construction of rural club to use is that there is 8 clubs in the area, well in high school Petropavlovka village have a good assembly hall, which can carry out activities proposed head of culture department EKR Zhaksylyk Omar.
Thanks for the work Chairman of the Board of Veterans of Petropavlovka rural district Taupyk Rymzhanov.
The district budget can not cover all aspects of development, but to the extent possible, these issues will be addressed.


Dear customers!

          Akim Blog created in order for you to have had the opportunity to talk directly to me or to a particular head government organ area.
In our lives are more persistent information technology and in response to the spirit of the times, we create all the conditions to the executive Borodulikha district was represented on the World Wide Web. Blog and website will allow anyone to find information about the socio-political and socio-economic development district activities of local executive bodies. I invite you to write comments, share opinions and make suggestions
We are always ready to discuss your burning questions and to take all necessary steps to resolve them.

Sincerely, akim of the Borodulikha district Gregory Akulov